What is a data-sharing option?

Total (accumulative) data can be shared among family members/colleagues for no extra charges. Please apply at 09-379-3065 or mobile@aquafi.co.nz from 08/11/2021

Sharing Your
Data, Heart, Love, Memory
with your family!

With any plans under Blue Open 69 (40GB Data), data can be shared within their family/colleagues. 

The conditions for this option are as follows

  1. The number of minimum users is 2 and maximum is 5.
  2. There will be one leading number which the bill will be charged to.
  3. Individuals who over-use their own allocated data will receive a notification of this the next morning.
  4. There will be no extra charges for data usage if the sum total usage of all members is less than the total data allowance amount.